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First Aid Training


The First Aid Training Course is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to respond to a variety of emergency situations ranging from simple first aid incidents to critical life-threatening emergencies, until professional first-responders arrive.

Course Objectives

Following successful completion of this first aid course, students will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to demonstrate the techniques and practices required of someone responding to a first aid emergency. 

Course Agenda

The First Aid Training Course will cover the following subjects: 

  • Basic first aid techniques 
  • Responding to medical emergencies 
  • Injury treatment 
  • Insect bites/stings 
  • Poison response 
  • Environmental emergencies including frost bite 
  • Accident prevention 


Students will be required to complete written course work and skills demonstrations in order to successfully complete the class. Assessment will take place at various points during the instruction. Following the completion of the course, students will receive a certification of completion that will be valid for two years.

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