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NCCCO Rigger Level 1 Written Exam


The NCCCO Rigger Level 1 Written Exam will test the students rigging knowledge in the following areas:

  • Scope of Rigging Activity
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Inspection of Rigging Activity
  • Execution of Rigging Activity

The Written Exam will consist of 60 multiple choice questions.  Students are required to complete the Rigger Level 1 Written Examination within a 60-minute time limit. 
Candidates may take their Exams in either order. Students have 12 months after passing their first exam (Written or Practical) in which to pass the corresponding Written or Practical Exam. 
Certificates are valid for a 5 year period; however this may vary if additional NCCCO qualifications are added to a student’s card. If a certified rigger subsequently becomes certified in an additional rigger or signalperson designation, the certification period for the additional designation will expire at the same time as the original certification.

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