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Overhead Crane Operator Training Course (North American Crane Bureau) 


This Overhead Crane Operator 2 day training course will cover the role and the responsibilities of the overhead crane operator. 
This course will get down to the basics of safe craning, covering various important topics such as: proper machine set up, below the hook crane attachments, and the importance of knowing the quadrant of operation, side loading and shock loading, all of which play a critical part in executing a safe lift. 
There are no pre-requisite requirements for this course. 
*  Please ensure you read the course outline for your chosen date & location before placing your booking. These can vary for each training centre.  * 


Students will take part in various exercises and activities designed to give them an understanding of how to operate an overhead crane.


The Overhead Crane Operator Course will cover the following topics:

  • Inspection Documentation/Record Keeping Requirements
  • Frequent & Periodic Inspection Requirements
  • Nomenclature & Selection of Equipment
  • Operational limitations of Equipment
  • Required Pre-Operational Inspection
  • Wire Rope Maintenance
  • Accident Causes and Preventions
  • ASME B30.2 Hand Signals
  • Proper Communication Between Work Crew
  • Shutdown 

Who Should Attend

Workers who currently work, or are about to work, in crane operation and require further training.


Please read the course outline before placing your booking. These can vary for each training center. 

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