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SPANISH Flagger Certification Training Course


The SPANISH Flagger Certification Training Course is designed to teach workers the importance of safely directing traffic through an active work zone.

Individuals working in this type of role are responsible for providing clear direction and communication to protect the safety of workers, pedestrians and the motoring public traveling through the work zone.

Students will learn the proper use of flagging signals, references, practices and devices.

All course material and instruction will be provided in Spanish.


At the end of this SPANISH roadway safety training course; successful students will know how to apply the lessons learned to safely and effectively perform flagging activities in work zones.


This SPANISH Flagger Training Course will cover the following topics:

  • Signals
  • Procedures
  • Regulations and Standards
  • Controls
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Best practices
  • Flags and how to use them


Attendees will be required to be proficient in Spanish. All course material, instruction and testing will be provided in Spanish. Classroom demonstrations and hands-on practice are used to demonstrate key skills. Students will need to take a written test and a practical exam and on successful completion will be issued a certificate and flagger certification card.

Suggested Progression

Traffic Control Technician Training Course

Who Should Attend

Flaggers are required to receive adequate training to perform the job.  Anyone Spanish Speaking who is responsible for directing traffic through a work zone should attend this class before working as a flagger.

SPANISH Flagger Certification Training Course

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