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Spanish NYC 16 Hour DOB Suspended Scaffold User Course


This Spanish NYC 16-Hour DOB Suspended Scaffold User Training Course is for all workers using or operating suspended scaffolds during construction, renovation, or maintenance of a building exterior. It is not applicable to any apparatus under the jurisdiction of the New York City’s Elevator Division. Training includes a combination of instruction and hands-on assessment

** All materials and presentations will be in Spanish**

As part of this Spanish NYC 16-Hour DOB course, students will be provided with an overview of OSHA and DOB policies, procedures, and suspended scaffold standards with a special emphasis on recognition and prevention of hazardous conditions. Some topics will include instructions on how to visually inspect suspended scaffold equipment, basic scaffold components, and methods of assembling/disassembling them. Students will also participate in hands-on exercises in which they will be responsible for presenting, building, and using various scaffolding and rigging applications.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this safety course, students will be able to:

  • Identify types and major components of scaffold systems
  • Understand common causes and prevention of scaffold accidents
  • Describe applicable OSHA 1926 Regulations and NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) codes
  • Understand General principles of fall protection including minimizing falls, guarding against falling objects, and fall clearance
  • Apply proper PPE and Fall arrest system practices
  • Apply proper scaffold user safe work practices
  • Understand Hoist, platform and rigging equipment practices
  • Understand maximum intended loads and capacity reducing factors
  • Understand basic rope, fall, knot and hitch configurations and connections
  • Apply proper suspended scaffold inspection practices

Course Agenda

The Spanish 16 Hour Suspended Scaffold User Course will cover the following mandatory topics:

  • Introduction to suspended scaffolds
  • Suspended scaffold accident causes and prevention
  • OSHA 1926 Overview, NYC DOB and NYC construction codes overview
  • General principles of fall protection
  • PPE and fall a systems
  • Suspended scaffold user hands-on demonstration and practice
  • Hoist, platform and rigging equipment practices
  • Basic rope, fall, hoist, block & rigging set-ups and procedures
  • Electric motors, controls and cables
  • Suspended scaffold inspections
  • Safety checklist and emergency situations


Attendees will be required to attend full learning hours and successfully complete a written exam and practical assessment where they will be assessed on their ability to apply rope knots, build a block and tackle system, and operate a hoist motor. Successful students will receive a 16 Hour Suspended Scaffold User Photo ID within 5-10 business days. Assessment will be given in Spanish.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for Spanish speakers only. This Spanish training course is intended for experienced workers interested in suspended scaffold project supervision, with at least one year of practical experience in hoisting and rigging, as well as those who are safety managers, superintendents, and individuals who may be planning to apply for New York City Master or Special Rigger’s license.

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