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Spanish NYC 32 Hour DOB Suspended Scaffold Supervisor


This Spanish NYC 32 Hour DOB Suspended Scaffold Supervisor course is required for supervision of NYC suspended scaffold projects on construction sites. The course will cover key management skills, the latest standards, design reading and how to properly train workers on hazards.

** All materials and presentations will be in Spanish**

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this health and safety course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify suspended scaffold systems and their essential components.
  • Discuss common suspended scaffold hazards based on statistical and historical data provided.
  • Outline differences between OSHA and NYC DOB scaffold regulations and their sources.
  • Demonstrate the practical skills necessary to properly install and maintain fall protection systems used on suspended scaffolds.
  • Create a suspended scaffold inspection checklist using provided requirements.
  • Apply various applications and connection techniques using ropes, knots and hitches.
  • Assemble the block and tackle for a fiber rope light duty scaffold.
  • Construct the wire rope termination for hoisting rope on suspended scaffolds.

Course Agenda

The Spanish NYC 32 Hour DOB Suspended Scaffold Supervisor course will cover the following mandatory topics:

  • Basic rigging and hoisting principles.
  • Safety instruction, hazards, use of tools from heights.
  • OSHA, NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) rules and regulations and building code.
  • Practical assessment covering the use of fall protection, knot tying, wire rope termination, self- rescue, connections, block and tackle.
  • Proper use, maintenance and inspection of PPE.
  • Suspended scaffold erection, dismantling, and safe use.
  • Inspection, record keeping, and logbooks.
  • Motor operation, accidents, and emergency procedures.
  • Identification of risks and protections to be installed.


Assessment will be given in Spanish. Attendees are required to complete 100% of the training course and actively participate in all learning activities including hands-on exercises and the final course exam. Students must pass the hands-on and written assessment with a score of 70% or higher.

Who Should Attend

This course is only available to students who are proficient in Spanish. This Spanish NYC 32 Hour DOB Suspended Scaffold Supervisor Training Course is intended for experienced workers with at least one year of practical experience in hoisting and rigging and whose roles require supervision of suspended scaffold projects. This training is also beneficial for safety managers, superintendents, and individuals planning to apply for the New York City Master or Special Rigger’s license.

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