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Now hiring! Contractors look to fill workforce gaps as U.S. poises for construction boom

The U.S. construction industry is expected to surge in 2022 – and contractors are eager to hire in order to meet demand.

According to a new report from the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and Sage, 74% of construction firms expect to increase their headcounts this year following a somewhat stagnant 2021.

The AGC and Sage surveyed more than 1,031 contractors across the U.S., with 22% of firms saying they hope to expand their workforce by 11 to 25% while 47% expect to tack on 10% or less. Five percent of the respondents anticipate to grow their headcount by more than 25%.

“Contractors are, overall, very optimistic about the outlook for the construction industry in 2022,” said Stephen E. Sandherr, the association’s CEO. “While contractors face challenges this year, most of those will be centered on the need to keep pace with growing demand for construction projects.”

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PHOTO credit: Paul Hennessy via Reuters Connect