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MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) Train the Trainer E-learning Course


This MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform)Train the Trainer online course will aim to develop the trainer’s skills and provide them with the core MEWP knowledge and tools necessary to create and deliver a productive lesson.  This interactive online course format is designed to comply with applicable ANSI standards and OSHA regulations.

This training includes 49 lessons arranged to be completed at the students’ own pace and includes the core MEWP operator training course.  Upon successful completion, students will be provided access to training documents available for download and use during future instruction.


On successful completion of the online MEWP Train the Trainer course, candidates will be able to confidently demonstrate the necessary skills to deliver MEWP operator training.


The MEWP Train the Trainer Online Course will cover the following topics:

  • Instructional techniques
  • Program Administration
  • Core MEWP Operator Training Course
  • Classification of MEWPS
  • Developing your company’s safe use program
  • OSHA & ANSI regulations
  • Causes & results of aerial lift accidents
  • Aerial lift pre-use inspection procedures and techniques
  • Fall protection
  • Safe operating practices & procedures
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Attendees will be required to attend full learning hours and achieve a passing score on all tests and assessments.

Suggested Progression

There is an option for a 60-minute web conference follow-up conversation with the training provider to discuss your training along with details of administrating your training program.

Who should attend

Competent operators, supervisors, or managers who plan to deliver MEWP operator training classes to MEWP operator candidates.

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