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NYC SST 4 Hour Supported Scaffold User & Refresher E-learning Course (DOB Approved)


The NYC SST 4 hour Supported Scaffold User & Refresher Online course alone will not allow you to obtain the scaffold card.  It is a requirement that all students take the 1 hour practical demonstration.  The cost of this is included in the price of the course.  Please contact our customer service team to book the next available date.  Anyone wishing to complete this course must have high speed internet access and a web camera.

This training is a requirement for any individual who wishes to work on or use a supported scaffold in NYC.  This site safety training course will cover basic elements and introduce students to the nature of supported scaffold hazards.  During this SST course emphasis is placed on the role of the scaffold user in accident prevention, which includes scaffold inspections, fall protection, recognizing hazards, and responding to emergencies.

This training course can be applied towards the required SST training hours.

Candidates are required to renew this certification every 4 years if they wish to continue working or using scaffolds withing NYC.

*Please Ensure you fully understand the pre-requisites prior to booking your online course *


Upon successful completion of both the online and practical elements of this safety training course candidates will be able to:

  • Outline New York City Building Code supported scaffold safety requirements
  • Identify the most common supported scaffold safety hazards and how to protect themselves
  • List supported scaffold types and major components
  • Inspect supported scaffolds in accordance with federal and local safety regulations


This SST Online 4 Hour Supported Scaffold User & Refresher training course will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Supported Scaffolds
  • Review of Supported Scaffold Accidents
  • Overview of OSHA 1926 Subpart “L”: Scaffolds
  • Overview of NYC Dept. of Buildings & Construction Codes
  • General Principals of Fall Protectiuon
  • Personal Protective Equipment & FUall Arrest Systems
  • Supported Scaffold Hardware, Inspeuction & Use
  • Emergency Situations & Preparedness Procedures


Attendees will be required to attend full online learning hours plus a 1 hour in-person practical assessment.  To pass the online element of training, delegates are required to achieve a pass rate of at least 70% on the written assessment.  Upon successful completion of the final practical demonstration candidates will be able to download a copy of their Certificate.  The Scaffold Card is issued separately.

Who should attend

Anyone who wishes to work on or use supported scaffold within NYC.


Attendees will be required to attend full online learning hours plus a 1 hour in-person practical assessment.

Prior to starting the course, during the enrollment process, registrants will need to take a photo to verify their identity and upload a government issued photo ID. Facial biometric verification is used throughout the course so please make sure that your photo is clear with a simple background. No hats or headphones should be worn, and students will need to avoid sitting in front of a light source as it will interfere with the facial biometrics verification. This photo will be used for your SST Card.

Important Notice:

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