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The Ultimate Guide to PEC Veriforce Training

In the oil and gas industry, safety is of paramount importance. With numerous risks and potential hazards involved in this sector, it is crucial for workers to receive proper training to ensure their well-being and the protection of the environment. PEC Veriforce is a well-known provider of safety training and certification programs specifically tailored for the oil and gas industry.

This complete guide to PEC Veriforce training addresses common questions, to help you navigate through the training options and choose the most suitable approach for your unique needs.

Chances are if you are reading this you probably will already know what PEC Veriforce Training is. If you are still unsure, and would like to understand the importance, please read: What is PEC Safety Veriforce training?

PEC or Veriforce trainings are a group of trainings specific to the oil and gas industry. They were originally created for companies in the Permian Basin. Traditionally, classes were run by PEC. However, in 2019 a merger between Veriforce and PEC has these classes officially labelled as Veriforce training. Many people in the industry still refer to them as PEC classes to this day.

1. What are the training programs offered by PEC Veriforce?

PEC Safety offers a wide range of training programs tailored to the unique requirements of the oil and gas industry. Some of the most popular programs include:

a) Basic Orientation SafeLand: This training program focuses on providing general safety awareness to oil and gas workers. It covers a broad range of topics, including hazard recognition, emergency response, and personal protective equipment (PPE). You can learn more here in our blogpost: What is SafeLandUSA?

b) SafeGulf: Designed for offshore workers, this program includes topics such as water survival, helicopter safety, and safe rigging practices.

c) H2S Clear: This course specifically addresses the hazards associated with hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas, which is commonly encountered in the oil and gas industry. It covers detection, monitoring, and response strategies to ensure worker safety.

1. What is the quickest way to book PEC Training?

Time is precious, we know that and so do you. Why spend endless time researching classes when you don’t have too? Easybook Training is a simple-to-use search tool to help eliminate google searching for SafeLand, SafeGulf, H2S OR Pipeline training. Like hotel and airline search tools, we consolidate all classes, dates, and times from many different providers so you can pick the one that works for you. With Easybook Training you can book today, and train tomorrow so that you don’t miss out on a job.

It really is the EASIEST way to book your PEC training!

2. How do I know the training is accredited?

It is a valid concern considering Easybook Training eliminates the need to research. As a Veriforce Network partner, we garauntee that every PEC Veriforce class offered on our website is taught by an accredited and Veriforce approved trainer. Students who successfully complete class will be entered into the Veriforce system, issued with a PEC number and will received a PEC card.

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3. Can you get a PEC card virtually?

Yes! You do not need to travel to a venue to complete your PEC training. Students can experience the benefits of in-person learning from home, office or jobsite. With live instructors and virtual classrooms, this format of PEC training allows greater flexibility for yourself and your employees. All you’ll need is a computer or laptop with a camera. 

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4. Are you able to take a PEC Veriforce class in another language?

Absolutely! The PEC Veriforce Basic Orientation SafeLand virtual course is also offered in Spanish, so you can train in your preferred language. You can find out more here.

1. How will I/my employee access the virtual instructor-led course?

For virtual instructor led courses, the students will receive an email directly from the instructor advising them how to log in to the course and what materials to bring if any. Students will use the video call information in this email to access the course, they do not need to log on to the Easybook Training website. We ask that any students who do not receive these instructions contact us during business hours at least one business day prior to the course start date. We are only able to assist students who contact us the business day prior to class as we may not be open at the time class starts. We can be reached by emailing booking@easybooktraining.com or by calling 480-779-9969. Our business hours are 8:30AM to 4:30PM Arizona time, Monday to Friday.

2. What happens if I/my employee fails the course?

You and/or your student may contact our friendly team directly to discuss your options and ways for you to gain the qualification you want.

3. How can I keep track of my employees training?

Easybook Training tracks the completion for all the employees or co-workers you book training for so you can always keep up to date with classes have been taken. We are supportive from the start until your student has completed their class – we have a responsive and skilled customer service team with over 20 years’ experience in the safety and training industry. We are convenient for both the student and trainer.


1. What is my PEC safety card number?

The job you’ve just applied for is asking to verify your PEC training and certification and you can’t find it. No bother, follow these two-simple steps to solve this.

PEC Veriforce’s oil and gas training programs are an integral part of ensuring safety and compliance in the industry. By providing workers with the knowledge and skills necessary to mitigate risks and respond effectively to emergencies, PEC Veriforce Training contributes to a safer work environment and the overall success of oil and gas operations. Investing in proper training is not only a legal requirement but also a crucial step towards protecting the well-being of employees and safeguarding the environment. Save time and use Easybook Training to book your class!